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Missed To File Income Tax Return In Time…. You Missed These Benefit

Missed To File Income Tax Return In Time…. You Missed These BenefitDid you missed to file Income Tax Return in Time or thinking that I have Refund / Zero Tax so I can file my ITR upto 31st March. Failing this you are also loosing some benefit / facility also provided by Income Tax Department. For your information some important points are highlighted here:-

Avoiding interest under section 234A
Though interest under 234B and 234C is levied if there is tax due and taxpayer did not pay advance tax. Taxpayers can avoid paying interest under section 234A by filing their return on time. This interest is charged @ 1% per month. It is calculated from the due date till the date on which you actually file your return.

*Loss of Interest on Refund
If your calculation shows Refund and did not file ITR in its due course then you will loose interest @1% per month on the Refund Amount which is calculating from April to date on which your refund get process  .

Faster Refund Process 
Income tax department has been processing refunds faster for returns filed on time. Delays in filing also mean delay in receiving refund. Last year, the department processed refunds within 2-3 weeks of filing. So if excess TDS has been deducted on your income, do not delay your filing.

Revise Return Filing is Possible
Many times; taxpayers commit mistakes while submitting their returns. Forgetting to claim a deduction is common errors. Sometimes an income may not have been included. Filing your returns by due date makes revision possible.

Carry Forward of Losses
A lot of taxpayers have short term losses from equity shares. These losses can carried forward in your tax return and set off from capital gains in succeeding 8 years. To be able to do this, your return must be filed within the due date. Losses from business and profession are also allowed to be carried forward when return is filed on time. So remember to file on time if you have losses.

Paying Tax Dues Timely
A lot of taxpayers see a tax due in their return after they consolidate their incomes and prepare their submission. This may happen due to inclusion of interest income. If there is a tax due, interest keeps accumulating until it is paid. So filing on time makes sure taxes are paid in time and interest (under sections 234B and 234C) does not keep adding up. Why shell out extra money when you can file on time and save on penal.



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